CCC Industrial Grunge

Here is my take on this week’s challenge at Linda’s blog

I’m not real happy with the way this turned out, I used so many colors on the flowers to get it the way I wanted, but the scratching looks bad. I had to use the new Holtz texture fade I pre-ordered months ago, which I love, but it even needs something else. Maybe the black ink is too much, I don’t know. My inking mojo has been lost this week, I’ve had too much on my mind. I like working with grunge, so maybe I’ll get this technique down another day! There are so many wonderful entries this week, so head over and check them out!
I wanted to add to this post-thank you Terry for the comment! I am my own worst critic! After a few days, I looked back at this piece, and it’s not so bad! I do like the texture fade background, and the colors of my flower. Sorry for sounding so negative, I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. Things are looking up, and I will keep on crafting. I am so glad I found Linda’s blog a few months ago. There are a lot of talented people over there, and I truly enjoy looking at everyones take each week! Thanks for stopping in and leaving me comments!


7 thoughts on “CCC Industrial Grunge

  1. This looks great, not sure why you don't like it but maybe leave it for a while then go back and look again, I do that and usually end up feeling I do not need to add anything.

  2. Thank you for visiting me and leaving great comments. I so appreciate it and it lead me to your blog. This is whats so great about this challenge seeing other peoples wonderful craftings. I adore your new folder you have worked that brilliantly and your flower is really great industrial grunge. A smashing piece of work. Annette x

  3. This is so pretty, i like your style and have added to follow your blog. Also I have a VERY special papercraft challenge just launched if you fancy winning a prize ( i promise you will ) just take a look and enter the challenge before December 4thHugs June xxxx

  4. Gosh, Pam, I think this turned out beautifully! The scratching looks great– just as it should for the Industrial Grunge technique– and the colors are really pretty. The embossed background is just fabulous!I'm glad Terry was able to help you see what a lovely work of art this is. I think sometimes we just look at our own work with a far too critical eye, and can't see how awesome it really is. Your work is consistently beautiful, and trust me, this is no exception!

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