Ginersnaps Blog Stitches Challenge

You have to encorporate stitches into your project for this challenge. Click here for the details and to enter! I decided to use real stitching, so I got my sewing machine out. Wow, was it dusty, and buried! So, I cleaned it all off and got my scrap paper ready to adjust the zig zag stitches. I turned it on and the noise it made was awful! I thought it was froze up from not being used in so long! After a few hand cranks of the wheel, she was off and running! I actually got the stitching done in one try! I’m glad my sewing machine and I are still friends! I decided to use this snowman stamp because it is stitched all around. That worked well! Also my new Unity sentiment stamp also has a touch of stitching to it! Why doesn’t every project come together like this!:) The blue twill tape around the snowman is a new technique I tried, and it looks fairly well. I like the ruffled look. I wanted layers on this card, so I embossed the white cardstock before stitching it to the brown, then the ruffled snowman, and I put thick pop dots on the ticket for more dimension. I had alot of fun with this one, but it did take me an hour and a half to do!! I needed a break from making Christmas cards, and I enjoy winter cards more! Sorry for rambling on, now go check out the other entries!


4 thoughts on “Ginersnaps Blog Stitches Challenge

  1. What a beautiful combination of stitching – real, and stamped! The images and stitching go so well together to create such a warm and friendly feel. Thanks for playing along at Gingersnap Creations!

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