ccc #28 fragments!

Well, this one was really fun! I had to go to our local Jo-Ann’s and get the fragments, cause I’ve not used these, only memory glass. They were on clearance there! As was some of Tim’s other items! I hope they are making room for new stuff, and not quit selling it! So, anyway, I got busy with these fun little things, and as I was working I thought it would be nice to make myself some wearable art. And I love the sound they make when they clang(is that a word?!) together! I used cranberry, meadow, and eggplant AI. I have trouble with my Archival ink drying on plastic or acetate. The only color I have is green, so maybe the black only works, or this is old ink. But it dried some, and made it work for me. Check Linda’s blog here for info on entering, or checking out all the other amazing art this week!!


15 thoughts on “ccc #28 fragments!

  1. What a great idea to make a necklace!!! Your fragments are so lovely! A TH clearance at JoAnn's, so going to check it out. I don't think our store carries hardly any Tim Holtz. Michael's does, but I sure wish they did more! Have fun!

  2. Pam, this is completely fabulous, stylish and wonderful! You did a beautiful job on the layered fragments. The little flowers are sweet and delightful, and you've probably inspired a whole bunch of people to make jewelry this weekend! Bravo!

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