Compendium of Curiosities #35

Here we are. At the end of a fabulous journey Linda has led us on! Design Details is the last technique  in Tim’s book, and the last challenge for us.(for now!) I encorporated different techniques in my final piece, and of course the ‘details’! I will attach this to a canvas, and hang it up in my craft room to always be a reminder of the wonderful and talented blog friends I have made through Linda’s blog, StudioL3. Thank you Linda so much! And thanks to everyone who has followed my blog through this fabulous journey! I can’t wait for the next one to begin!

17 thoughts on “Compendium of Curiosities #35

  1. Pam, my dear, I'm so delighted that you've been part of the CCC, and can't thank you enough for sharing your incredible talent and wonderful, kind personality with us all! Your Grand Finale piece is AMAZING! It's a gorgeous combination of so many wonderful elements and such a treat for the eyes! You've incorporated the Design Details technique brilliantly, too. This will be such a wonderful wall hanging for your studio. Remember to come by the blog and Monday and find out what's next! It just wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you!

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