Pumpkin Time!

One of my favorite things about fall, are the pumpkins! Small ones, big ones, funny shaped gourd type ones. They’re all good to me! My son and I planted some pumpkins in the spring, and we have 2 for him to color on, or I’ll carve them for him. This project here is a simple one, and I used the new Authentique Glowing paper pad(you can find it in my online store!) The paper pad is 6×6, so I used the length, and cut 3/8″ strips from 4 different papers. I pierced holes on each end, and in the center of each strip, and started putting them all together with brads at the top and bottom of the pumpkin. After all the strips were together, I squashed it down a bit to give it a pumkin shape. I used a piece of wire for the vine, and the leaves are sequins. Very easy! You may start to see alot of these pumpkins popping up around blogland soon, since summer is almost over here in my part of the world! Thanks for stopping in, have a great weekend!!
Here is the paper pad I used!


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Time!

  1. Okay Pam, so you've inspired me to try one of these…I have always seen them but never tried one! The papers you used are awesome and I totally love that you are ready for Halloween…love this!

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