A Peek Into My Crafting Space

Happy Friday to you all! I don’t have any projects to share today, but I’ve been wanting to share a little of my crafting space with you for some time. I am in a CONSTANT state of reorganizing in my room. My DH calls it a horders dream room, and I don’t argue with him at all! But, I try to organize the best that I can, and I’m coming along slowly. The pics here is my repurposed item. This is a Sizzix die tower that I almost got rid of in a garage sale, but as I was pricing it, I thought there has to be something else I can use this for.(i just really didn’t want to give it up! lol) So back in the room it went, and decided to put my inks in it, since I didn’t have any good place to put them all. The DI inks fit well, as does some of my other inks. It’s on a carousel, so I can just turn it round as needed. My DI handles fit on the top of the tower great, and I actually need to make room for my new fall DI inks! Some of the pigment inks will have to go! I’ll never get rid of this tower now, in fact, I should look on ebay for another one! Hey, my inks have to be stored somewhere! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the little peek into my room, and maybe you can think of repurposing something too! Have a great weekend!


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