An Owl Flashback

This month at Flashback Friday Challenges, guest designer, Merry, has chosen to show your first owl project. These little matchbooks are my first owl projects posted from Sept. 2010. And also it was my 5th blog post. Don’t think I had any followers yet, as I recieved no comments! But I did post the directions for making these, so if you’d like to read about, click here! I didn’t get to play along last month at Flashback Friday, so I’m excited to have a project to show this time around! Thank you for taking the time to look in!


4 thoughts on “An Owl Flashback

  1. How could I not leave you some bloggie love on your original blog post with these CUTE matchbook favors! I absolutely love everything about them…the colors…the design….the owlie…sooooo stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for playing with us at Flashback Friday!!!!

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