Cricut Craft Room

Calling all Cricut Machine owners!! Have you heard or seen the new Cricut Craft Room yet? About a month ago I saw on HSN, the launch of the new Cricut Mini machine and the Cricut Craft Room software. While the machine is small, it is very space saving. But I already have a Cricut Create, and it doesn’t get much use. Until now! You see, the new software is FREE!! It works just like the Cricut Studio software, but better. So if you want to expand your Cricut machine, go check it out here! It’s easy to download, and works with any Cricut machine and cartridge! When you download the software and register, you get a free Craft Room exclusive virtual cartridge! I’ve been playing around this morning with it, and let me tell you, my machine will get much more use now! I didn’t use it much before, because I always got aggrevated not getting the right size of image that I wanted. With this software, I can set the image to whatever I want, slant it, weld it, stretch it. So up my alley!! When I first started my card making adventure, I used a lot of die cuts. Then I got into stamping more. While I still love stamping, my projects are going to include more die cuts now! I just wanted to share this info with all of you, and for all Cricut owners. You really need to go download the software! Remember it’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy die cutting!!


One thought on “Cricut Craft Room

  1. I have tried to use the CCR AND I have problem with it not cutting all my design. It frrezes up after it cuts the first word. Or it will print a couple of letters and then stop. Any suggestions what to do?

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