Something Else I Do

Other than paper crafts, I love to crochet and even do some knitting. Mostly in the winter months. I have made several hats and scarves, stuffed toys, afghans, and such, but this year I wanted to try and make something different. So, on the Lion Brand Yarn website you can access lots of free patterns and I found this very easy crocheted wristers pattern. Now I have knitted a pair of these before but I much prefer crochet, I am much faster at it! Both pairs use the same pattern and hook, but as you can see, they are different lengths. That’s only because the weight of the yarn is different. But I am very pleased with the way they both have turned out. If you dabble in crochet at all, take a look at all the patterns Lion Brand Yarn has to offer. My blog friend Beth has some lovely crochet items she shared on her blog, and has also introduced me to even more free patterns at Ravelry! No paper crafted project to share today, just my hand warmers! Thanks for having a look!


6 thoughts on “Something Else I Do

  1. They look very nice. They'd be excellent to wear on those chilly days while you're paper crafting because they won't get in the way like gloves or mittens would.

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